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Search for missing American Israeli continues in India

     Jerusalem/New Delhi: The search for an Israeli-American Amichai Steinmetz continues in Northern India's Parvati Valley. Up to 30 Israeli volunteers are turning up each day to search for him. Three of Amichai's friends from the army, from the Duvdevan undercover anti-terror unit, came to India to help search for him. One of them is still in the country along with Amichai's father and sister. Steinmetz was first reported missing on July 24 and his family, friends and volunteers have been coordinating with search teams from the beginning of the rescue operation, reports The Jerusalem Post. Amichai, 24, from Ma'aleh Levona, set out on what was originally supposed to be a day trip on Tuesday, July 21. He left from Kiriganga with the intention of visiting Bunbuni, around 10 km. away. When he did not return by Shabbat, a friend he had made while traveling alerted the authorities. At first the search was paid for with the 80,000 dollars from a policy taken out with Harel Insurance. This money has now been exhausted and the family is now funding the effort. But according to Amichai's mother, Deborah, the money will run out next Sunday. Steinmetz's parents, Jacob and Deborah said: "We have been between hope and despair. We wake up hopeful and go to sleep with a little more despair." The area where Amichai disappeared is known to be particularly dangerous, especially for those travelling alone. The Israeli Embassy in New Delhi has been in contact with the Steinmetz family, the Indian authorities and the US Embassy, all of which have given their full cooperation for the search.
-August 16, 2009

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