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Uttar Pradesh police ban use of gas cylinders around Taj Mahal

     Agra: Police in Uttar Pradesh have banned the use of gas cylinders around the Taj Mahal to save the monument from environmental pollution and unforeseen mishaps. The Supreme Court had earlier barred food stalls located around the Taj Mahal from using kerosene stoves, coal and wood to cook food. Only gas cylinders were allowed for cooking. Deputy Superintendent of Police G.S Sirohi, who is in-charge of security around the Taj Mahal, issued the notice. Shop owners have reacted with dismay to the move. "The notice says that we cannot use gas cylinders. If we don't use it then what will we use? They say we cannot use wood for cooking as it causes pollution to the Taj Mahal. You tell me what should we use then? " asked Leela, a shop owner. When this was brought to his notice, Senior Superintendent of Police, Brij Bhushan, said they are studying the Supreme Court order and the notice would not be brought into effect until a complete study is done. The Supreme Court is ken to protect the Taj Mahal and nearby other historical monuments from air pollution and is aware that increased commercialisation through tourism is adversely affecting conservation efforts.
-August 16, 2009

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