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Auto-rickshaws on two-day strike in New Delhi

     New Delhi: Commuters faced the brunt of two-day strike called by the auto-rickshaws in New Delhi on Monday. Nearly 55,000 auto-rickshaws went off the roads to protest against the government's crackdown on drivers operating without permits, licenses and pollution control certificates. "I am standing here for the past 20 minutes. There are no autos," said Arvind, a commuter. Another commuter Ranjan said, "People are in rush. It is office hour. We are suffering a lot. I tried two to three autos that told me that we cannot take you, another one told me that they are on strike." The auto-rickshaw drivers said that they did understand the inconvenience to the commuters. However, they have little option because this is how their demands could be heard. "Delhi police and transport officials harass us a lot. They heavily fine us for parking our vehicles at wrong places. We understand that our move will affect the commuters. Until the commuters feel the heat, the authorities would not listen to us. So, only when we go for strike, the matter will reach higher authorities," said Vinod, an auto-rickshaw driver. However, some auto-rickshaws were seen plying on road with some unions refusing to take the call.
-August 17, 2009

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