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Flood hits normal life in Ayodhya

     Ayodhya: Incessant monsoon rain has led to flood hitting normal life in Ayodhya and many rivers of the region like Ghagra and Saryu are flowing above the danger mark, leading to exodus of many people from the region. The glairing administrative apathy in the wake of floods has left the villagers around and locals in Ayodhya concerned about their future. "Due to cracks in the river embankment, the flood water has entered into the villages. The level of the river water has also risen high. Nobody from the authority has come to our rescue. Officers had come to take a stock of the situation, but they haven't since come back," said Ramujagir, a village head, Rajghat village. The flood water has entered temples in the region. Police personnel holding guard at the Ram Janmabhomi check post have been facing a lot of problems. "We are facing a lot of problems here. Snakes have come out from water causing danger to us. The flood water has entered streets, "said Ramnath Singh, police constable. Thousands of villagers are forced to live like refugees in the wake of monsoon floods, in several districts across Uttar Pradesh.
-August 22, 2009

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