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Kaziranga National Park gears up for safe migration of animals

     Kaziranga: Kaziranga National Park authorities have put up barricades to slow down vehicles to ensure safe passage for migrating animals. Heavy downpours during the monsoon season submerge almost 40 percent of the park, posing a grave threat to animals. The animals traditionally cross over to the Karbi Anglong Hills, situated in the southern part of the park, in search of food and safe shelter. To reach this destination, animals have to cross the National Highway No. 37, which is known as the migratory corridors. "During flood's wild animals migrate from the National Park towards the southern boundary. At that time vehicles knock down some animals. But this time we have put up barricades to slow vehicles to 40 kilometers per hour," said D.P. Boro, District forest officer, Kaziranga Forest Range. Park authorities have also deployed round the clock security cover to prevent poaching. Last year, animals fled to the higher reaches waters of the River Brahmaputra flooded most of the park. Kaziranga is home to more than half of the world's population of one-horned rhinoceros.
-August 23, 2009

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