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Curbs on visitors to Taj Mahal during Ramadan

     Agra: The Taj Mahal will not be open to public and tourists during the time of namaaz in the month of Ramadan, entry being exclusively for Muslims for them to offer prayers. "As Taj Mahal is a magnificent monument, people believe that by offering prayers in this monument all their wishes will come true. This drives the people to come and pray here. They come in huge numbers to offer namaaz here," said Syed Munavvar Ali, a resident. Special arrangements have been made during the night. "At night, special arrangements have been made in response to the Supreme Court orders. At the time of offering namaaz, the Taj Mahal will be open only for Muslims and no one else," he added. The devotees have to register their name and address at the entrance gate after which they will be issued an entry pass to the mosque. The Muslims gathered in huge numbers feel very lucky to have got a chance to offer prayers at the monument. "This is for the first time that we are visiting Taj Mahal. We are very lucky to come here and offer prayers. This is like a god's gift to us," said Rauff, a Muslim tourist. He added that the whole experience of coming to a different place and offering namaaz in this serene atmosphere of the monument was very satisfactory. Ramadan begins in the ninth month of the Muslim lunar calendar. The starting date is determined by the sighting of the crescent moon in each country concerned, or by astronomical calculation, often dividing Islamic countries and sects over the exact dates. During Ramadan, Muslims around the world refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, thinking impure thoughts or having sex during daylight hours, a period aimed at spiritual cleansing. Activity during Ramadan peaks between "iftar", the breaking of the fast at sunset, a "suhur" the last meal of the day before sunrise.
-August 25, 2009

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