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Tourist inflow on rise in Manali
by Prem Thakur

     Manali: Recession might have slowed down tourism businesses elsewhere, but Manali in Himachal Pradesh seems to be untouched by it. According to officials, tourist inflow has risen by 25 per cent this year. "Lot of tourists are arriving in Kullu district in general and Manali in particular. This year, there's been a definite increase in the number. As per the estimations, there's an increase of 25 per cent compared to last year. If we see global recession, it might sound paradoxical," said Rajeshwar Goel, district tourism officer, Kullu. The main reason for tourists getting attracted to Manali is its cool weather. Sometimes its snows even in the month of June while the rest of the country reels under scorching summer. Manali is also being a centre for adventure sports. The very unique characteristics of Manali will continue to attract tourists, feels Himanshu, a tour and travel operator. "We can say there's 20 per cent boom in overall business. We expect this trend to increase. Himachal Pradesh is a very safe destination and tourist friendly destination. It's a very rich destination. You can find diverse interest here," said Himanshu. Tourism is the mainstay of the region's economy. Thousands of tourists come here every year generating business and employment for people. More than 10 million tourists throng Himachal Pradesh as most of them visit Kullu-Manali region.
-August 26, 2009

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