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No-pollution three-wheelers unveiled in New Delhi

     New Delhi: With the unveiling of eco-friendly three-wheelers powered by non-polluting hydrogen on Wednesday, India will soon have 'no pollution' vehicles running on roads. Union Minister of New and Renewable Energy, Farooq Abdullah, drove a hydrogen-run trial-based auto ushering in an era where vehicles running on the road with the renewable and non-polluting fuel will be a common sight. The vehicles were showcased on the sidelines of the first day of the three-day World Hydrogen Technologies Convention being held at India Habitat Centre here. These three wheelers powered by hydrogen fuel will run on the speed of 50-70 kilometres per hour and can ply in sub-zero temperature up to minus 30 degree Celsius. About 20 scientists and engineers worked for seven years to develop these vehicles. "Today we are working at experimental and research level so the prices are high. The world over, the research is going on how to reduce the cost of production of hydrogen yet reduce the carbon footprint of production of hydrogen. I'm very sure the cost will become comparable in next 5 to 10," said Anand Kumar, Director, R&D, Indian Oil Corporation. Kumar added that to make hydrogen fuel easily available and affordable for commercial purpose, government should subsidise it. India hopes that one million hydrogen fuelled vehicles, mostly two and three wheelers will ply on the road by 2020. The three wheelers have been developed by automobile makers Sonalika Group in cooperation with Banaras Hindu University. A vehicle run on fossil fuel can be changed into the hydrogen one by using hydrogen conversion kits.
-August 26, 2009

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