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Battery operated vehicles for disabled at major railway stations

     New Delhi: The Ministry of Railways has decided to allow private parties to operate free round the clock service of battery operated cars at the platforms of major railway stations for carrying disabled and old aged passengers for boarding the trains. The policy guidelines in this connection have been sent to all the Zonal Railways. The parties would be allowed of first cum first serve basis under certain terms and conditions. No charge will be levied either from the passenger or from the Railway. Railway will provide only electricity free of cost for charging the batteries of the vehicle and party will be allowed to advertise on the panel of these small four seater cars. The vehicle will be used to cater only the disabled and old aged passengers. An agreement with the party will be entered into for a period of maximum one year. Repairs, maintenance and replacement, if required, will be done by the party. The number of vehicles to be piled at a station will be decided by the Zonal Railways based on requirement. An annual review of the performance will be undertaken to assess the revenue involved and possibility of revenue sharing.
-August 28, 2009

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