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Pilgrims head for Pak to attend birth anniversary of Shada Ram

       Lahore: A delegation of 50 Hindu pilgrims from India will cross the Wagah border into Pakistan on January 8 to attend saint Shada Ram's 300th birth anniversary at Shadani Darbar in Ghotki, Sindh. Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) Chairman Asif Saeed Hashmi said on Tuesday that Yudhishter Lal Ji Maharaj will lead the pilgrims. Hashmi said it was the Pakistan government's policy to facilitate and accommodate the pilgrims in the country. ETPB Additional Secretary Siddique Khurram said the pilgrims would be provided accommodation and travel facilities. Shadani Darbar organiser Jai Ram Das said, "It is a mega event in which people from across the world take part. Stage shows and musical programmes will be arranged." Every year, Indian pilgrims participate in the festival and also visit various religious places, he said. According to the legend, Ghulam Shah Kalhoro, the ruler of Sindh, terrorised Hindus in 1700. Perturbed by his actions, Hindus prayed to Lord Shiva at Mathelo. One night the Sarpanch saw Lord Shiva in his dream. Lord Shiva told him that he had taken birth in the form of 'Shadaram' in Lahore and would come to Mathelo for their salvation. Shada Ram came to Mathelo in 1768 and kindled 'Dhuni Saheb' there. When Kalhoro insulted a Hindu widow, Shadaram cursed the ruler, saying that Kalhoro would lose the kingdom. Shada Ram's words came true and Kalhoro lost his kingdom and died in misery. After that Shadaram shifted to Hayat Pitafi and laid the foundation of the Shadani Darbar. Ram Das said Yudhishter Lal was the son of late Gobind Ram. He said 15-year-old Gobind was elevated to Shadani Gaddi on April 4, 1960.
-Jan 7, 2009


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