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Govt urged to take up issue of stranded pilgrims with Nepal, China

     New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday urged the Central Government to take up with their Nepalese and Chinese counterparts the rescue of the stranded pilgrims to Kailash Manasarover. According to reports, hundreds of pilgrims, who are on their way to Kailash Manasarover, have been stranded in Nepal following a road blockade near the Tibetan border. "The pilgrims, who have gone to Kailash Manasarover via Nepal are stranded. They don't even have food to eat and proper place to stay. According to reports, six pilgrims have died. The visa of stranded pilgrims is limited for a short period and if we do not take any immediate actions then the pilgrims could even go to prison," said Sushma Swaraj, senior BJP leader. She urged the government to talk to their Chinese and Nepalese counterparts and help rescue the pilgrims as soon as possible. On the issue of the proposed Civil Services Bill, 2009, which would prevent political interference in the bureaucracy, Swaraj said that her party would take a decision after talking to all the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Chief Ministers of the states.
-June 9, 2009


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