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'Decision on reduction of troops in J-K after Amarnath Yatra'
by Praful Kumar Singh

     New Delhi: Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor today said the decision to reduce troops in Jammu and Kashmir would be taken after seeing the trends in the situation during the summer and the Amarnath Yatra. General Kapoor was speaking to the reporters on the sidelines of the induction of the Artillery Combat and Control System (ACCCS) Shakti, which is the artillery component of TAC 31. "We need to go through the Amarnath Yatra, which is supposed to be starting shortly and the summer season because the snow is melting and the passes are going to be open. The chances of infiltration going up are very much there, especially since a number of (terror) camps are existing on the other side of the LoC," the Army Chief said. "After we see the trends this summer season and post the Amarnath Yatra, your question would be tackled at that point of time," General Kapoor added. Replying to a question on reduction of troops if conditions improve in J-K, General Kapoor said the decision to withdraw the Army from the state would be taken by the political leadership of the country after assessing the situation there. "As the situation improves gradually, as and when the political authority feels that the Army should be withdrawn, it may be withdrawn and it depends on the assessment by the political authority of situation," he said.
-June 12, 2009


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