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Traffic rush, jam at Delhi-Noida borders at DND, Kalindi Kunj

As the Central Government relaxed the coronavirus lockdown restrictions on business and commercial activities and travel within States, there was huge traffic and congestion on roads at many places in the Capital region. Lack of awareness about requirement of passes to cross borders aggravated the congestion at Noida border. It is also reported that on Monday UP had allowed the entry from Delhi but on Tuesday the State Government said the Ghaziabad and Noida authorities will decide, leading to the chaos.

NEW DELHI, May 19: There was heavy traffic of private vehicles and consequent traffic congestion leading to long queues at Delhi-Noida border at Kalindi Kunj and the DND flyover on Monday as the Central Government relaxed the restrictions even as the coronavirus lockdown scheduled to end on May 17 was extended till May 31.

The relaxations included permission for non-essential e-commerce deliveries also, even in red zones, opening of all types of shops, business and workplaces with certain precautions like staggering of timings and sanitary requirements, and movement of all types of vehicles within a State irrespective of zonal divisions, except the 'containment zones' identified by the district authorities from time to time.

The traffic jam at the borders worsened as people unaware of the regulations tried to cross over to Noida, falling in Uttar Pradesh, and the police trying to stop those without e-passes. The guidelines require vehicles and individuals to take passes and permission from both States to cross borders. As per the new guidelines, cycle rickshaw, auto rickshaw, taxi and cab aggregators are allowed free movement now even in red zones, but within a State only, requiring permission for crossing borders.

Restrictions now mostly pertain to containment zones, border crossing and gatherings of people, whether religious, political, cultural or for entertainment purposes.

"As the UP police is allowing entry to Noida only for vehicles having movement pass issued by the District Magistrate, Noida, people travelling from Delhi to Noida using Kalindi Kunj barrage flyover and DND flyover may plan their trip accordingly." the Delhi police had stated.

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