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Domestic flights take off from May 25: Fares capped; Follow these do's and don'ts

After two months of suspension of all flights due to coronavirus epidemic the world over, Indian airlines will take to the skies on Monday with a new set rigorous rules for the passengers. The Government has also introduced a fare control mechanism. The fares are being capped for three months only. Here is the nitty-gritty of the Aviation Minister's price band.

NEW DELHI, May 22: Flight booking has started as the airlines will resume domestic operations on May 25, after two months of lockdown due to coronavirus edipemic. International flights will start later after seeing the working of resumed domestic operations, said Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri on Thursday while making the announcement.

The Government has controlled the ticket fares by introducing a 7-grade band for flights depending on the flight duration. The first band is of flight duration less than 40 minutes and the next six are: 40-60; 60-90; 90-120; 120-150; 150-180; 180-210. A minimum and maximum price has been fixed for tickets depending on the band of journey - for each band. For Delhi-Mumbai the fare range comes to Rs 3,500-Rs 10,000.

The fare ranges for the respective bands are:

  • Flight duration less than 40 minutes: Rs 2,000-Rs 6,000
  • Flight duration 40-60 minutes: Rs 2,500-Rs 7,500
  • Flight duration 60-90 minutes: Rs 3,000-Rs 9,000
  • Flight duration 90-120 minutes: Rs 3,500-Rs 10,000
  • Flight duration 120-150 minutes: Rs 4,500-Rs 13,000
  • Flight duration 150-180 minutes: Rs 5,500-Rs 15,700
  • Flight duration 180-210 minutes: Rs 6,500-Rs 18,600

Moreover, 40% of tickets will have to be sold at less than mid-point of the price range. That is, if a flight has 200 seats for Delhi to Mumbai, 80 seats will have to be sold for less than Rs 6,750. Because Delhi-Mumbai fare range is Rs 3,500-Rs 10,000 as flight duration band is 90-120 minutes. The fare control is for three months.

The Minister said all airports and airlines are well-prepared to resume work. Passengers will have to report two hours before departure. They will have to wear protective gear and face mask and carry sanitiser. Water bottles will be supplied but no food. They should have Aarogya Setu app on their mobile. Passengers with red status are not allowed. Those who do not have the app for genuine reasons can file declaration and fly. However, if one was staying in a containment zone, one is not allowed to travel. Children below 14 years need not have the app. The passengers will follow the social distancing norms. Only one check-in bag will be allowed per passenger. The cabin crew will wear full protective gear.

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