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CORONAVIRUS CASUALTIES (Aug 4):- GLOBAL:- Total Cases: 1,84,80,862; Total Deaths: 6,98,257 Recovered: 1,17,06,691 BELGIUM:- Total Cases: 70,314; Total Deaths: 9,850 BRAZIL:- Total Cases: 27,51,665; Total deaths: 94,702 CANADA:- Total Cases: 1,17,031; Total Deaths: 8,947 CHINA:- Total Cases: 84,464 ; Total Deaths: 4,635 FRANCE:- Total Cases: 1,91,295; Total Deaths: 30,294 GERMANY:- Total Cases: 2,12,331; Total Deaths: 9,232 INDIA:- Total Cases: 18,64,561; Total Deaths: 39,057 INDONESIA:- Total Cases: 1,15,056; Total Deaths: 5,388 IRAN:- Total Cases: 3,14,786; Total Deaths: 17,617 ITALY:- Total Cases: 2,48,229; Total Deaths: 35,166 JAPAN:- Total Cases: 38,687 ; Total Deaths: 1012 MEXICO:- Total Cases: 4,43,813; Total Deaths: 48,012 NETHERLANDS:- Total Cases: 55,470; Total Deaths: 6,149 PHILIPPINES:- Total Cases: 1,12,593; Total Deaths: 2,115 RUSSIA:- Total Cases: 8,61,423; Total Deaths: 14,351 S KOREA:- Total Cases: 14,423; Total Deaths: 301 SPAIN:-Total Cases: 3,44,134; Total Deaths: 28,472 SWEDEN:- Total Cases: 81,012; Total Deaths: 5,744 SWITZERLAND:-Total Cases: 35,746; Total Deaths: 1,981 UAE:- Total Cases: 61,352; Total Deaths:351 UK:- Total Cases: 3,05,623; Total Deaths: 46,210 US:- Total Cases: 48,63,077; Total Deaths: 1,58,975 - India Travel Times.Com   [Estd: 1998]       * * *    Travel, More Travel, Travel Means A Million Things     * * *    

Hydroxychloroquine, Remdesivir are now officially back on corona prescription

So far no therapy has shown any noticeable effect on mortality and, therefore, the repurposed drugs should only be used after shared decision-making with the patients, the Health Ministry has cautioned.

NEW DELHI, June 14: The Health Ministry on Saturday issued revised guidelines for the clinical management of coronavirus (covid) even as the number of cases has crossed 3 lakh. The new protocol allows use of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in early stages of detection of symptoms and antiviral drug Remdesivir in moderate cases.

Others are: Tocilizumab, convalescent plasma and glucocorticoids.

Tocilizumab, a drug that modifies the immune system or its functioning, and convalescent plasma have also been approved for use among coronavirus patients. While ECG has been recommended before administering HCQ, Remdesivir is recommended for moderately sick patients likely needing oxygen. Azithromyzin has been dropped as a combination drug to be given alongwith HCQ.

Remdesivir has been contraindicated in renal and liver impairment, pregnant women, lactating mothers, children under 12 years of age. It is administered by injection, single dose first day 200 mg and 100 mg each subsequent four days.

Convalescent plasma therapy may be considered for patients with moderate illness with no improvement despite use of other drugs. In this therapy antibodies from the blood of a person who has recovered is taken and transfused to a coronavirus patient. This is said to boost up the the patient's immune system. Patients with immunoglobulin A deficiency or immunoglobulin allergy should not be given this. The patient should be watched for .progressive deterioration of oxygenation indicators.

Any infection or tuberculosis must be ruled out before administering Tocilizumab. In worsening cases of covid, glucocorticoids may be used.

"Several large observational studies with severe methodological limitations have shown no effect on mortality or other clinically meaningful outcomes... As such, the evidence base behind its use remains limited as with other drugs and should only be used after shared decision making with the patients while awaiting the results of ongoing studies,” the revised document said.

India today stands at a critical No 4 in the list of worst hit countries, next only to the US, Brazil and Russia, having steadily climbed from the bottom of 180 countries. Just in 10 days the case count has gone up from 2 lakh to 3 lakh on Saturday. There was a spike of 11,458 infections in a day on Saturday. The death toll too climbed to 8,884 with 386 new fatalities.

Maharashtra is leading among the worst-hit States with the number of cases crossing 1 lakh and the casualties nearing 4,000 while Gujarat came second, recording a toll of 1,415 and total cases at 22,527.

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