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Biden looking for a 'domesticated' woman as running mate, winnability not his concern

The Dems' gamut of criteria:- Gender: It should be a woman; Race: Preference for color; Region: Not this time; Ideology: No extremes

Joe Biden's preference:- Is looking for "trust," “simpatico with me” and "talks to you privately any differences" post-election!

Joe Biden knows Kamala Harris' efficiency first-hand as she was his opponent in the Primary and she has colour. But not Elizabeth Warren, the woman of potential ideas. As for a 'tainted' Rice, she has worked with him in the White House and is “simpatico with me.” But he should know personal relationship alone will not work when the country has lost everything in a bungled pandemic, and reconstruction stares at you. However, that comes later!

Or a choice could as well be emerging from nowhere, an unlisted dark horse swaying to his tunes like a duck.

WASHINGTON, Aug 4: It looks Biden is not concerned about how a veep can help determine the outcome of his presidential race. Of course, historically that is not done but this time America is on the brink of an economic and administrative disaster, mainly because of Trump's bungling of the pandemic and his ways of handling executive matters.

Instead of seizing the present and trying to win the race by choosing a veep who can boost his prospects, Biden is talking about a running mate who will be able to "trust each other completely" , "talks to you privately any difference in issues you may have" and will be “simpatico with me” - all in the White House! It is his obsession with future relationship that is guiding his choice of a running mate, a sign of deep-rooted insecurity, especially because the context demands first you do something to win.

A poor pick like Sarah Palin may not have cut into John McCain's prospects but a veep of substance can always contribute to an improved outcome in times of crisis like this. Sarah as the dark horse had only the 'shock' value, and proved too poor at the hustings. The choice of veep reveals many things about the presidential aspirant; in Biden's case he is wearing his heart on his sleeve.

The unimpressive presidential candidate will have a woman as running mate. As for that part he has made up his mind, strategically or otherwise. Now the choice narrows down to just a few names. Even as he probably looks undecided, and is going round testing the waters, the media has shortlisted the likely candidates.

Kamala Harris

Biden knows her best and a known one, if good, is the best choice, better than the unknown best. This philosophy should click with the old guy, who had seen her talents while fighting against him tooth and nail in the Primary. Biden has called Harris "a worthy opponent and a worthy running mate." And she has colour too! The only Black in the Senate, she is highly combative and ubiquitous on electronic media.

On the flip side, she may be too hot to handle and aggressively ambitious from Day One. So she may or may not fulfil his requirements: "trust," “simpatico with me” and "talks to you privately any differences" in the White House. His eyes are fixed beyond the sprint.

Susan Rice

She has faced a lot of flak in the press. Her f-bomb exchanges are also notorious and the Republicans will not spare her on the Benghazi fiasco of 2012 and other things she did in Africa with her international connections. And, she has no electoral experience! Of course, nobody is baggage-free. However, you have to take into account these too while making a choice for Veep. But Biden has said he wants a running mate who is “simpatico with me.” Rice might fit the bill. Moreover, the former National Security Adviser had worked closely with him in the White House and he knows how it will be like. But he should note that personal relationship alone will not work when the country has lost everything in a bungled pandemic, and reconstruction stares at you.

Elizabeth Warren

Looks like Biden has fallen for this woman of ideas, whom he had consulted on policy issues. But the Massachusetts Senator leans too much to the left. A racially progressive White, Warren can trigger liberal institutional changes. Does he like it? And partymen also say these are times for colour and he should look elsewhere.

Karen Bass:

All of a sudden the California Congresswoman’s stock has risen with Speaker Nancy Pelosy giving her back. Bass is at the head of the Black caucus of the party. If at all he wants an insider and placate larger sections.

Tammy Duckworth

Senator from Illinois and a veteran of sympathy, and has been in the administration, Duckworth may represent many a soft thing but Biden is looking for other qualities., Moreover, the job requirements are different. Poor in economics too, to handle current hot issues.

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