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Heatwave sweeps North, red alert to travellers

The northern region of India, especially Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, are in the grip of a severe heatwave and the travellers are advised to take extra care and follow the health protocols.

NEW DELHI, May 25: A severe heatwave is sweeping the northern Indian region with the average temperature rising above the normal by five degrees to cross the 45 deg C mark.

The Indian Meteorological Department ((IMD) has forecast that the extreme heat agravated by hot winds will create severe heat wave conditions till May 28 leading to health emergencies. Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan will be worst affected.

On Sunday, Churu recorded 47.4 deg C and Nagpur 46.2 deg C while in Delhi average maximum temperature was 45 deg C. Humidity level stayed lower at 30%, according to the IMD bulletin.

Tourists and other travellers coming from various places as also the general public are advised by health experts to take precautions like avoiding direct sun during noon hours till 3 pm. The sun at this time is vertically overhead at noon. Use a head cover while in the open and drink a lot of water. That is the best precaution. In case of any uneasiness like disorientation and abnormal temperature or symptoms of dehydration, immediate medical aid is warranted. Heat stress also can lead to sudden death.

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