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CORONAVIRUS CASUALTIES (June 5):- GLOBAL:- Total Cases: 67,02,699; Total Deaths: 3,93,212; Recovered: 32,51,592 BELGIUM:- Total Cases: 58,767; Total Deaths: 9,548 BRAZIL:- Total Cases: 6,15,870; Total deaths: 34,039 CANADA:- Total Cases: 93,726; Total Deaths: 7,637 CHINA:- Total Cases: 83,027 ; Total Deaths: 4,635 FRANCE:- Total Cases: 1,52,444 (sic); Total Deaths: 29,065 GERMANY:- Total Cases: 1,84,923; Total Deaths: 8,736 INDIA:- Total Cases: 2,26,770; Total Deaths: 6,363 INDONESIA:- Total Cases: 28,818; Total Deaths: 1,721 IRAN:- Total Cases: 1,64,270; Total Deaths: 8,071 ITALY:- Total Cases: 2,34,013; Total Deaths: 33,689 JAPAN:- Total Cases: 17,018 ; Total Deaths: 903 NETHERLANDS:- Total Cases: 46,942; Total Deaths: 5,990 PHILIPPINES:- Total Cases: 20,382; Total Deaths: 984 RUSSIA:- Total Cases: 4,41,108; Total Deaths: 5,384 S KOREA:- Total Cases: 11,668; Total Deaths: 273 SPAIN:- Total Cases: 2,87,740; Total Deaths: 27,133 SWEDEN:- Total Cases: 41,883; Total Deaths: 4,562 SWITZERLAND:-Total Cases: 30,913; Total Deaths: 1,921 UAE:- Total Cases: 37,018; Total Deaths: 273 UK:- Total Cases: 2,81,661; Total Deaths: 39,904 US:- Total Cases: 19,24,051; Total Deaths: 1,10,173 - India Travel Times.Com   [Estd: 1998]       * * *    Travel, More Travel, Travel Means A Million Things     * * *    

Coronavirus Updates: Italy, Iran now sub-centres of SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus

Brazil, Geece and Pakistan confirm first cases of coronavirus even as Italy and Iran have become sub- centres of SARS-Cov-2.

GENEVA, Feb 26: Brazil, first in Latin America, Geece and Pakistan (two) confirmed their first cases today. These as well as Austria, Algeria, Croatia cases have been sourced to Italy, one of the three worst affected outside China, the other two being South Korea and Iran. Italy has confirmed 374 cases and 12 deaths. Iran has had so far 139 cases and 19 deaths. There, Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi is among the infected. The worst case after China is South Korea's. Today there were 284 new cases, more than any other day's. The total cases stood at 1,261 and the deaths at 12. France has reported four new cases today, the total going up to 17. In US, there are 57 cases.

China shows downtrend: WHO

GENEVA, Feb 25: According to WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the number of new cases in China today stood at 411, down from 508 a day before. Outside China the number of cases rose by 427. And the deaths in China rose by 52 to 2,715. Across all 33 countries the covid-19 cases stood at 80,988. The SARS-Cov-2 virus has claimed by now fewer than 100 lives outside China.

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