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E-token to buy liquor without crowding at shops in Delhi

NEW DELHI, May 11: The Delhi Government is issueing e-tokens to allow people to buy liquor without crowding at the shops. The appointed time intimated through mobiles, the buyer could conveniently come to the counter at the marked time and make his purchases without any jostling.

While taking the e-token one has to choose the shop he wants to buy from, and the time will be slotted for him. The e-tokens are sent on their mobile phones. The Government says it has issued 4.75 lakh tokens, but does not specify for what dates. The portal has no mention of dates or days one could choose.

It was announced that 200 shops will be open. However, according to the website, only 160 shops are open. One has to register at Time allotted is 50 people per hour. The system was introduced on Thursday. One has to give an ID like PAN, Aadhaar, Voter ID, Driving Licence, Passport, the ID number, Name, Address, Mobile Number, and select the shop.

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