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CORONAVIRUS CASUALTIES (Aug 4):- GLOBAL:- Total Cases: 1,84,80,862; Total Deaths: 6,98,257 Recovered: 1,17,06,691 BELGIUM:- Total Cases: 70,314; Total Deaths: 9,850 BRAZIL:- Total Cases: 27,51,665; Total deaths: 94,702 CANADA:- Total Cases: 1,17,031; Total Deaths: 8,947 CHINA:- Total Cases: 84,464 ; Total Deaths: 4,635 FRANCE:- Total Cases: 1,91,295; Total Deaths: 30,294 GERMANY:- Total Cases: 2,12,331; Total Deaths: 9,232 INDIA:- Total Cases: 18,64,561; Total Deaths: 39,057 INDONESIA:- Total Cases: 1,15,056; Total Deaths: 5,388 IRAN:- Total Cases: 3,14,786; Total Deaths: 17,617 ITALY:- Total Cases: 2,48,229; Total Deaths: 35,166 JAPAN:- Total Cases: 38,687 ; Total Deaths: 1012 MEXICO:- Total Cases: 4,43,813; Total Deaths: 48,012 NETHERLANDS:- Total Cases: 55,470; Total Deaths: 6,149 PHILIPPINES:- Total Cases: 1,12,593; Total Deaths: 2,115 RUSSIA:- Total Cases: 8,61,423; Total Deaths: 14,351 S KOREA:- Total Cases: 14,423; Total Deaths: 301 SPAIN:-Total Cases: 3,44,134; Total Deaths: 28,472 SWEDEN:- Total Cases: 81,012; Total Deaths: 5,744 SWITZERLAND:-Total Cases: 35,746; Total Deaths: 1,981 UAE:- Total Cases: 61,352; Total Deaths:351 UK:- Total Cases: 3,05,623; Total Deaths: 46,210 US:- Total Cases: 48,63,077; Total Deaths: 1,58,975 - India Travel Times.Com   [Estd: 1998]       * * *    Travel, More Travel, Travel Means A Million Things     * * *    

India unlocks malls, restaurants, places of worship; but coronavirus still surging

India re-opened malls, restaurants, hotels and places of worship in most places on Monday as the first formal phase of the unlocking of the coronavirus lockdown began. International flights, metro trains, cinemas and educational institutions will resume functioning in the second and third phases.

NEW DELHI, June 8: Most States in India started unlocking the coronavirus lockdown on Monday as scheduled. Strict precautionary measures are in place. People in public places like markets and offices have to maintain social distancing, wear face mask and use hand-sanitiser.

As announced, most States re-opened malls, restaurants, hotels and places of worship on Monday in the first phase of the formal 'Unlock.' International flights, metro trains, cinemas and educational institutions will resume functioning in the second and third phases of 'Unlock.' Trains and domestic flights were already allowed to run. So also markets, offices, spas, parlours, salons with limited strength. Unrestricted movement of people across the country was also allowed by the Centre since June 1, but vested the final authority in the States and district administration.

On Monday, in Delhi restaurants opened but there were few customers. Hotels will remain shut. Malls were open in many States with very strict do's and don'ts. Trial and return of items were forbidden. Employees and customers had to wear masks. Malls were told to sanitise the place on a regular basis. Restaurants at places sanitised the tables after every use. Social distancing was kept.

In Gujarat, malls, restaurants and places of worship were open. Restaurants were allowed to function at 50% capacity and told to sanitise the tables every time a customer left.

In Odisha, the places of worship will remain closed till month-end. At Tirupati, 2,000 devotees had darshan in the morning. In most Strates prasad, physical offering, touching of idols or ringing of bells were prohibited.

In Mumbai BEST operated bus service for the benefit of the skeleton staff, 10%, allowed to resume work in their offices. Malls, restaurants and temples were open in the city.

In Maharashtra, the number of coronavirus-infected police personnel has gone up to 3,000, of who 30 have died, according to Home Minister Rajesh Tope. Maharashtra continues to be the worst affected in the country with 3,060 new cases in a day and the total going up to 85,975.

In Aurangabad central jail 29 inmates tested positive for coronavirus last weekend.

A retired Air India pilot died of suspected coronavirus on June 5. Following the death, Air India has announced that family members of those who succumb to coronavirus will be provided jobs.

Two judges in Bengal have tested positive for coronavirus. Two pilots of Vistara airline were also reported to have tested positive for coronavirus after a simulation training in the past few days.

Meanwhile, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has alleged blackmarketing in hospital beds by some private hospitals. A case has been filed against Gangaram hospital. The Medical Association has criticised the Chief Minister's statement.

India's position in the world worsened to No 5 among the worst affected by coronavirus pandemic. There were 9,983 new cases and 206 deaths in the last 24 hours in India, the total cases so far registered being 2,56,611 and the total deaths 7,135.

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