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Motorcycle stunt kills three in Bengaluru

The accident occurred when they were performing bike stunts at airport road early morning on Sunday.

BENGALURU, June 21: Three motorcyclists were killed on Sunday morning on the airport road in Bengaluru while performing stunts. They were residents of Govindapura.

“Three men died in a road accident when they were performing bike stunts at airport road early morning today. They are residents of Govindapura area of Bengaluru, Karnataka,” the police said.

A case has been registered at Yelahanka Police Station.

Stunt on motorcycle is favourite revelry with most Bangalorean youth. Accidents are also very frequent.

Recently, a 20-year-old youth, doing stunts on his motorcycle, died following a road accident while he was crossing another vehicle in Bengaluru.

In another incident some time ago, three friends riding triple on a bike led to the death of one of them, after the vehicle met with an accident in the city.

In yet another case, a film distributor and financier died after he lost control of a speeding bike that hit a signpost.

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