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Reliance develops Made-in-India 5G, to connect everything, everyone, everywhere

The new technology will ensure safety on roads, help farmers in raising productivity, create more jobs in manufacturing sector... Its blazing fast internet speeds will redefine digital life. The Made-in-India 5G is ready to start working as soon as the spectrum is made available - Mukesh Ambani.

MUMBAI, July 16: Reliance Industries has announced its Jio platform has developed a Made-in-India 5G solution which can start working as soon as the spectrum is made available. Addressing RIL's 43rd annual general meeting, chairman Mukesh Ambani also announced Rs 33,737 crore investment by Google for a 7.7 per cent stake in Jio.

With largest customer base, largest data and voice traffic, Reliance is all set to establish India's technological leadership globally. "As asoon as the spectrum is made available we will launch 5G," Ambani said. "With 5G we can connect everything, everyone, everywhere. With 5G it will work wherever we go remotely. The Made-in-India technology will transform citizens, society and businesses, it transforms life."

5G will save lives on roads with autonomous vehicles that use sensors that detect imminent danger and ensure with autobraking, the company claimed. 5G-connected drones will help farmers in crop production and it willcreate jobs in the manufacturing sector. It will ensure quality healthcare to everyone, at every Indian home. In a nutshell, its blazing fast internet speeds will redefine digital life, Reliance said.

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