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CORONAVIRUS CASUALTIES (Sept 23):- GLOBAL:- Total Cases: 3,18,29,935; Total Deaths: 976,356 Recovered: 2,34,31,243 BELGIUM:- Total Cases: 1,05,226; Total Deaths: 9,955 BRAZIL:- Total Cases: 45,95,335; Total deaths: 1,38,159 CANADA:- Total Cases: 1,46,663; Total Deaths: 9,234 CHINA:- Total Cases: 85,307 ; Total Deaths: 4,635 FRANCE:- Total Cases: 4,68,069; Total Deaths: 31,416 GERMANY:- Total Cases: 2,77,420; Total Deaths: 9,494 INDIA:- Total Cases: 56,50,540; Total Deaths: 90,077 INDONESIA:- Total Cases: 2,57,388; Total Deaths: 9,977 IRAN:- Total Cases: 4,32,798; Total Deaths: 24,840 ITALY:- Total Cases: 3,00,897; Total Deaths: 35,738 JAPAN:- Total Cases: 79,438 ; Total Deaths: 1,508 MEXICO:- Total Cases: 7,05,263; Total Deaths: 74,348 NETHERLANDS:- Total Cases: 98,240; Total Deaths: 6,291 PHILIPPINES:- Total Cases: 2,94,591; Total Deaths: 5,091 RUSSIA:- Total Cases: 11,22,241; Total Deaths: 19,799 S KOREA:- Total Cases: 23,216; Total Deaths:388 SPAIN:-Total Cases: 6,82,267; Total Deaths: 30,904 SWEDEN:- Total Cases: 89,436 Total Deaths: 5,870 SWITZERLAND:-Total Cases: 51,101; Total Deaths: 2,060 UAE:- Total Cases: 87,530; Total Deaths: 406 UK:- Total Cases: 4,03,551; Total Deaths: 41,825; US:- Total Cases: 70,98,291; Total Deaths: 2,05,491 - India Travel Times.Com   [Estd: 1998]       * * *    Travel, More Travel, Travel Means A Million Things     * * *    

Guv-against-mask catches coronavirus, a first in US

He was against issuing an order to make wearing of face mask compulsory, and himself resisted wearing one, besides putting his children too to great risk. He blatantly violated the basic norms, and proudly posted on social media, "Eating with my kids and all my Oklahomans..." in packed restaurants.

OKLAHOMA CITY (OKC), July 19: Kevin Stitt has become the first Governor in the US to contract coronavirus. He made the announcement to reporters over a video press conference on Wednesday.

The Oklahoma Governor had always resisted issuing a mask order or wearing one himself. He had even posted his photo with his children in a crowded city restaurant without a mask and not maintaining social distance. He captioned his photo: "Eating with my kids and all my's (restaurant) packed tonight."

However, Kevin said he was “pretty shocked” to become the first Governor to have contracted the virus. Oklahoma reported 640 new cases a day before.

In several States in the US there are widespread protests against coronavirus restrictions like lockdown, wearing face mask and maintaining social distance. California, Ohio and Washington DC have witnessed violence against public health officials who enforced the restrictions following which there have been large-scale resignations by the officials across the US. While business people went violent against closure of their businesses, others fought for undiluted freedom to go without masks and observing social distancing, unmindful of the epidemic at the door. An exaggerated freedom animates American society!

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