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Indian held for embezzling Federal corona relief loans in Seattle

Mukund Mohan was arrested for claiming coronavirus relief under Paycheck Protection Programme by producing forged documents. Currently chief technology officer at Technologies Inc., he had earlier worked with Microsoft and Amazon.

WASHINGTON, July 25: A former Microsoft and Amazon executive, Mukund Mohan, an Indian, was arrested on Thursday in Seattle on the charge of $5.5 m fraud.

Mukund Mohan applied for eight loans under the Paycheck Protection Programme by forging documents. The Paycheck Protection Programme is a Federal relief scheme to help small businesses to keep workers employed during the coronavirus pandemic.

To claim the benefits he also filed false tax returns and submitted forged documents for six shell companies.

Prosecutors said in one of his applications he claimed he had dozens of employees and he had paid $2.3 million in 2019.

According to the charge-sheet filed by US Attorney, Mohan submitted “fake and altered documents, including fake federal tax filings and altered incorporation documents to avail benefits from Paycheck Protection Programme for six shell companies he owned, and subsequently transferred some of the money to his Robinhood brokerage account for his personal benefit,” reported Seattle Times.

The US Attorney claimed Mohan received $304,830 in PPP loans for the company, Zigantic LLC, which does not have a business license and has never paid employee wages or payroll taxes, the report said.

Mukund Mohan, currently chief technology officer at Technologies Inc., had earlier worked with Microsoft and Amazon.

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