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Prashant Bhushan found guilty of contempt of court
Lawyer Prashant Bhushan had in his tweets made defamatory remarks on the Supreme Court and the current and former Chief Justices. The SC took suo moto cognisance of the matter and initiated proceedings against him. Having found him guilty, the apex court will award sentence on August 20.

NEW DELHI, Aug 14: Well-known civil rights lawyer Prashant Bhushan was found guilty of contempt of court by the Supreme Court on Friday over his tweets against the Chief Justice of India and the apex court.

Prashant Bhushan will be sentenced on August 20. He may face up to 6 months in jail. The order was pronounced by a three-judge bench led by Justice Arun Mishra.

In the following tweets of June 27 and 29, he had made allegedly defamatory remarks on the Supreme Court and the current and former Chief Justices. The Supreme Court took suo moto cognisance of the matter and proceedings were initiated.

"When historians in the future look back at the last six years to see how democracy has been destroyed in India even without a formal Emergency, they will particularly mark the role of the SC in this destruction, and more particularly the role of the last four CJIs."

"The CJI rides a Rs 50-lakh motorcycle belonging to a BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) leader at Raj Bhavan, Nagpur, without wearing a mask or helmet, at a time when he keeps the SC on lockdown mode denying citizens their fundamental right to access justice!"

Another contempt of court case of 2009 is also pending against Prashant Bhushan before the apex court. He had called former Chief Justices corrupt.

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