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CORONAVIRUS CASUALTIES (Oct 25):- GLOBAL:- Total Cases: 4,30,62,591; Total Deaths: 11,56,270 Recovered: 3,17,42,791 BELGIUM:- Total Cases: 3,05,409; Total Deaths: 10,737 BRAZIL:- Total Cases: 53,81,224; Total deaths: 156,926 CANADA:- Total Cases: 2,13,959; Total Deaths: 9,922 CHINA:- Total Cases: 85,790 ; Total Deaths: 4,635 FRANCE:- Total Cases: 10,86,497; Total Deaths: 34,645 GERMANY:- Total Cases: 4,29,893; Total Deaths: 10,123 INDIA:- Total Cases: 78,73,664; Total Deaths: 1,18,621 INDONESIA:- Total Cases: 3,89,712;Total Deaths: 13,299 IRAN:- Total Cases: 5,68,896; Total Deaths: 32,616 ITALY:- Total Cases: 5,04,509; Total Deaths: 37,210 JAPAN:- Total Cases: 96,534; Total Deaths: 1,711 MEXICO:-Total Cases: 8,86,800; Total Deaths: 88,743 NETHERLANDS:- Total Cases: 2,91,254; Total Deaths: 7,046 PHILIPPINES:- Total Cases: 3,70,028; Total Deaths: 6,977 RUSSIA:- Total Cases: 15,13,877; Total Deaths: 26,050 S KOREA:- Total Cases: 25,836; Total Deaths: 457 SPAIN:-Total Cases: 11,10,372; Total Deaths: 34,752 SWEDEN:- Total Cases: 1,10,594 Total Deaths: 5,933 SWITZERLAND:-Total Cases: 1,03,653; Total Deaths: 2,083 UAE:- Total Cases: 1,25,123; Total Deaths: 477 UK:- Total Cases: 8,54,010; Total Deaths: 44,745; US:- Total Cases: 88,33,384; Total Deaths: 2,30,091 - India Travel Times.Com   [Estd: 1998]       * * *    Travel, More Travel, Travel Means A Million Things     * * *    
SpiceJet starts flights between Dubai, 5 Indian cities from Monday
SpiceJet will operate scheduled flights between Dubai and Indian cities from Monday. IndiGo, GoAir and Vistara have already started flying to the UAE under the air bubble agreement till August end.

NEW DELHI, Aug 16: SpiceJet will operate scheduled flights between Dubai and 5 Indian cities of Delhi, Jaipur, Kozhikode, Madurai and Mumbai from Monday. IndiGo and GoAir have already started flights to UAE. Vistara is also flying to Dubai under the air bubble agreement till 30 August.

Indians holding valid visa for UAE and UAE nationals can fly. From Dubai stranded Indians, Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) cardholders holding UAE passports and UAE nationals holding a valid visa can travel.

Conditions for passengers for flying

1) Passengers flying to Dubai should hold a PCR negative report done 96 hours within departure time from any ICMR approved lab.

2) All passengers arriving in Dubai must have a valid health insurance.

3)All passengers will have to fill in Health declaration form available at SpiceJet website prior to departure and arrival to and from Dubai.

Flight schedule from India to Dubai

Delhi to Dubai-17,19,23,25,26,31,31 August

Jaipur to Dubai-20,23,27,30 August

Kozhikode to Dubai-18,19,20,23,25,26,27,30,31 August

Madurai to Dubai-17,19 August

Mumbai to Dubai-18,20,25,27 August

Flight schedule from Dubai to India

Dubai to Delhi -17,19,23,25,26,31,31 August

Dubai to Jaipur- 20,23,27,30 August

Dubai to Kozhikode - 18,19,20,23,25,26,27,30,31 August

Dubai to Madurai-17,19 August

Dubai to Mumbai-18,20,25,27 August

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