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CORONAVIRUS CASUALTIES (Sept 23):- GLOBAL:- Total Cases: 3,18,29,935; Total Deaths: 976,356 Recovered: 2,34,31,243 BELGIUM:- Total Cases: 1,05,226; Total Deaths: 9,955 BRAZIL:- Total Cases: 45,95,335; Total deaths: 1,38,159 CANADA:- Total Cases: 1,46,663; Total Deaths: 9,234 CHINA:- Total Cases: 85,307 ; Total Deaths: 4,635 FRANCE:- Total Cases: 4,68,069; Total Deaths: 31,416 GERMANY:- Total Cases: 2,77,420; Total Deaths: 9,494 INDIA:- Total Cases: 56,50,540; Total Deaths: 90,077 INDONESIA:- Total Cases: 2,57,388; Total Deaths: 9,977 IRAN:- Total Cases: 4,32,798; Total Deaths: 24,840 ITALY:- Total Cases: 3,00,897; Total Deaths: 35,738 JAPAN:- Total Cases: 79,438 ; Total Deaths: 1,508 MEXICO:- Total Cases: 7,05,263; Total Deaths: 74,348 NETHERLANDS:- Total Cases: 98,240; Total Deaths: 6,291 PHILIPPINES:- Total Cases: 2,94,591; Total Deaths: 5,091 RUSSIA:- Total Cases: 11,22,241; Total Deaths: 19,799 S KOREA:- Total Cases: 23,216; Total Deaths:388 SPAIN:-Total Cases: 6,82,267; Total Deaths: 30,904 SWEDEN:- Total Cases: 89,436 Total Deaths: 5,870 SWITZERLAND:-Total Cases: 51,101; Total Deaths: 2,060 UAE:- Total Cases: 87,530; Total Deaths: 406 UK:- Total Cases: 4,03,551; Total Deaths: 41,825; US:- Total Cases: 70,98,291; Total Deaths: 2,05,491 - India Travel Times.Com   [Estd: 1998]       * * *    Travel, More Travel, Travel Means A Million Things     * * *    

Strange but true, skin rashes can be a corona symptom

So please be on the watch for lumps, bumps or rashes, or even colors of the skin too. Infective people must self-isolate. Take care of the co-morbid and elderly. See the do's and don'ts. Antihistamines will do if it is not spreading to eyes, lips and mouth, which is rare. Latest studies show that most of the symptpms of coronavirus are due to the response of the immune system rather than the respiratory illness itself. At times the response can be so wild that that alone threatens the corona patient's life. This only explains strokes, cardiac issues, kidney failure etc rather than the corona's RNA penetrating our vital organs.


NEW DELHI, Sept 15: Dry cough, sore throat, fever and breathing difficulty are classic features of coronavirus, now everyone knows. Loss of smell (anosmia), loss of taste (ageusia) for sugar and salt, stomach pain, loose motion have of late been added to the list of symptoms, but these latter are not life-threatening and may be described as Type I which need not progress into the serious Type II.

According to Dr KK Aggarwal, home quarantine is enough for these minor symptoms, it will go on its own, but all family members will get it. Howsoever small the attack is, yet the elderly and the co-morbid need special care as per the guidelines issued by the Health Ministry from time to time.

Now, large-scale studies of hospitalised cases in Europe and China have found that skin rashes, which apparently cannot have any relation with the respiratory illness, is also a clear symptom of covid. So people who had skin diseases were going round spreading covid!

These studies have shown that covid causes a lot many symptoms and skin too is not spared. 3,36,000 regular UK app users' data were studied by the King's College London. Almost 17% of a large number of patients studied elsewhere also have shown skin rashes as covid symptom. Another 12,000 people with skin rashes and suspected or confirmed covid were studied. In 17% rash was the first symptom and in 21 % rash was the only symptom. It has confirmed that there need not be any other symptoms.

It is time, therefore, we understood most of the symptoms of coronavirus are due to the response of the immune system rather than the disease itself. At times the response can be so wild that that alone threatens the corona patient's life. No organ or part is an exception. So skin rashes should be seen in that light although it is not a serious symptom.

Three main types of rashes have been identified: Urticaria (hives), erythemato rashes (red bumpy rash or chicken pox-like rash) and chilblains.

  1. Urticaria (hives): Very itchy; will come and go in hours; lasts longer; can be in any part of the body. There can be itching in palms and soles. Antihistamines will take care if the rashes are not transforming into huge swellings. Any swelling of lips and eyelids need immediate covid treatment. But that is very, very rare.
  2. . Erythemato rashes: Red bumpy rashes or chicken-pox type rashes; it can also look like (tiny) prickly heat; it can persist for weeks and can be anywhere, especially elbows, knees, back of hands and feet; can be itchy.
  3. Chilblains --fingers and toes: Reddish and purplish bumps on fingers or toes, inflammation etc.

So please be on the look out for lumps, bumps or rashes. Infective people must self-isolate.

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