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20 Clone Trains from Sept 21: What is the difference between Clone Trains and additional or special trains?
Clone trains are copy of the already operational trains run by the Indian Railways. It is an additional train when the volume of waitlisted tickets for a particular train is very high. In short, when the booking is full for a train and the waiting list is too long (as usual), then an additional train will be run to carry the waitlisted passengers. This is as simple as running an additional bus when due to some reason there is huge rush on a route. It is usually done by transport offices and even the Railways also have been running additional or special trains during festivals and summers from day one! What is new? A surplus bureaucracy justifying its existence!

NEW DELHI, Sept 17: The Railway Ministry will run 20 pairs of Clone Special trains from September 21 on routes where there is huge demand and rush. They will run next to the scheduled trains and carry the waitlisted passengers of the scheduled train. There may be some difference in fares and the stoppages will be limited.

The Railways' statement said, “Considering the huge demand for travel on specific routes, Ministry of Railways has decided to run 20 pairs of Clone Special trains from 21.09.2020. These clone trains will run on notified timings and will be fully reserved trains. The stoppages shall be limited to operational halts."

The stoppages will be curtailed. That is, the Clone trains will have fewer stoppages, and the booking of the tickets will be done only for available stoppages. The coaches of clone trains will be AC3. It will start before the scheduled departure of the original train. Further, while other trains have advance booking for 60 days, clone trains will have an advance booking period of only 10 days. It has not been clarified how the bookings can take place 10 days in advance if the parallel train is meant to accommodate waitlisted passengers.

While the tickets for 19 pairs of these trains will be charged at the Humsafar Express rates, it will be at par with the Janshatabdi Express rates for the clone train between Lucknow and Delhi.

These 20 pairs of additional trains will run in addition to the 310 special trains already in service.

According to the Railways's list, 10 trains (5 pairs) will operate between Bihar and Delhi under the East Central Railways. These trains will originate and terminate in Bihar’s Saharsa, Rajendra Nagar, Rajgir, Darbhanga and Muzaffarpur. The two trains operating under the Northeast Frontier Railway are also from Bihar: Katihar to Delhi and back. The Northern Railway will also run 10 trains (5 pairs) which will operate between Delhi and Bihar and back, West Bengal to Delhi, Punjab to West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh to Delhi among others. The South Central Railway will operate two trains between Danapur (Bihar) to Secunderabad and back. The South Western Railway will operate 6 trains (3 pairs) between Goa and Delhi, Karnataka-Bihar and Karnataka-Delhi. The Western Railway will run 10 trains (5 pairs) between Bihar (Darbhanga)-Gujarat (Ahmedabad), Delhi-Gujarat, Bihar (Chhapra) to Gujarat (Surat), Mumbai-Punjab, Gujarat(Ahmedabad)-Bihar (Patna)

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