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CORONAVIRUS CASUALTIES (June 1):- GLOBAL:- Total Cases: 62,94,321; Total Deaths: 3,74,417 BELGIUM:- Total Cases: 58,517; Total Deaths: 9,486 BRAZIL:- Total Cases: 5,14,992; Total deaths: 29,341 CANADA:- Total Cases: 90,947; Total Deaths: 7,295 CHINA:- Total Cases: 83,017 ; Total Deaths: 4,635 FRANCE:- Total Cases: 1,88,882; Total Deaths: 28,802 GERMANY:- Total Cases: 1,83,515; Total Deaths: 8,605 INDIA:- Total Cases: 1,91,605; Total Deaths: 5,415 INDONESIA:- Total Cases: 26,940; Total Deaths: 1,641 IRAN:- Total Cases: 1,54,445; Total Deaths: 7,878 ITALY:- Total Cases: 2,32,997; Total Deaths: 33,415 JAPAN:- Total Cases: 16,851; Total Deaths: 891 NETHERLANDS:- Total Cases: 46,545; Total Deaths: 5,962 PHILIPPINES:- Total Cases: 18,638; Total Deaths: 960 RUSSIA:- Total Cases: 4,14,878; Total Deaths: 4,855 S KOREA:- Total Cases: 11,503; Total Deaths: 271 SPAIN:- Total Cases: 2,86,509; Total Deaths: 27,127 SWEDEN:- Total Cases: 37,814; Total Deaths: 4,403 SWITZERLAND:-Total Cases: 30,871; Total Deaths: 1,920 UAE:- Total Cases: 34,557; Total Deaths: 264 UK:- Total Cases: 2,74,762; Total Deaths: 38,489 US:- Total Cases: 18,37,830; Total Deaths: 106,220 - India Travel Times.Com   [Estd: 1998]       * * *    Travel, More Travel, Travel Means A Million Things     * * *    

Delhi woman dies - India's second corona death

The dead Delhi woman's son had returned from Italy on February 23. Both were hospitalised on March 7. The woman had co-morbid conditions of diabetes and hypertension.

NEW DELHI, Mar 13: A 68-year old woman from Janakpuri in Delhi who was admitted to the RML Hospital alongwith her son and confirmed positive for coronavirus infection died today, becoming the first casualty in the Capital and the second in India.

She had co-morbid conditions of diabetes and hypertension. Her son, an employee at a leather factory in Noida in the National Capital Region, had visited Switzerland, Japan and Italy, returning on February 23. Both were hospitalised on March 7 and tests confirmed coronavirus infection. The mother's condition worsened on March 9 with pneumonia and respiratory complications and was shifted to the ICU, where she died on March 13 (today), a Health Ministry statement said.

The Gautam Buddh Nagar administration is monitoring the 700 employees of the factory where the infected man was an employee. He had joined work after his return.

The first death from coronavirus infection in India was of a 76-year old man of Kalburgi in Karnataka, who died on Wednesday and was confirmed as a coronavirus death yesterday after results came. He too had other problems like high blood pressure and asthma. He had returned from a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia on February 29 and had gone to Hyderabad for treatrment but died while returning to his hometown.

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