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Lotus blooms in America, India's Kamala may be US President next time

A pumping Kamala Harris gave the much-needed thrust to a seemingly listless Biden, and both have been hugely rewarded. The prayers of a temple in an excited Thiruvarur village in southern India for its daughter have been granted too, catapulting a woman to the Power House for the first time in American history, and that of Indian origin. The presidential election fought 'hand-to-hand' has brought down the curtain on Trump's presidential career: Joe Biden, 77, is President and Kamala Harris, 56, Vice-President of the United States of America. Age on her side, she could well be the Prez next time, feel observers.

NEW DELHI, Nov 6 2:00 PM (IST): Neck and neck at the hustings and neck and neck three days into the counting, the presidential election this time has been an unparalleled story in American history especially with the largest number ever getting out and voting. And that too, amazingly, in the midst of a devastating global pandemic that has forced people indoors world over.

Going by the latest results, victory is slipping away for Trump, and that is simply because of the unpopularity he earned with his grotesque ways of dealing with issues like the corona pandemic, denigration of science and healthcare institutions, making more enemies than friends abroad for no rhyme or reason, and, in a way, destabilising the administration to no advantage. Dems'Joe Biden is just a step away from power.

By daybreak on Friday (US), Biden was seen steadily slashing Trump's lead in Georgia and Pennsylvania and retaining a narrow edge over his rival in Nevada and Arizona. News agencies and networks that call the States early saw Biden just needing 6 more electoral college votes to hit the majority mark of 270 while Trump was trailing far behind with 214 State votes. That is, any one State not called so far is more for Biden. Popular vote is counted and result declared for a candidate by majority in each of 50 States separately in America, and converted into electoral college votes going by the number of representatives of a State in Congress.

Earlier, as of 10 am (IST) Friday November 6, results of the presidential election held on Tuesday were still rolling in, counting continuing in several States as the volume of early voting due to the coronavirus pandemic had surpassed all previous records and the mail-in ballots were still arriving days after the polling ended on Novemebrc 3.

Counting continued uninterrupted despite Republican threats to counting staff at centres and countrywide protests to stop counting of ballots that came in after the voting closed on Tuesday evening. Republican candidate President Donald Trump and his supporters, as planned even before the polling, filed several lawsuits against what he called as "illegal votes" and "illegal counting" pleading to stop the counting in Michigan and Georgia and for a recount in Wisconsin. However, the judges refused to accept the Republican arguments as mostly they were "unsupported," non-specific and amounted to a wild goose chase.

When in the wee hours of Wednesday Trump, in the same breath accusing the Dems of "stealing" the votes he also made a premature declaration of victory as well, Biden had his civilising masterly lines ready: "Power can't be taken or asserted. It flows from the people." "No one is going to take democracy away from us. Not now, not ever."

Trump had been wildly predicting electoral malpractices by Democrats much before the election and as part of the phobia he had, defying all practices, hurried filling a Supreme Court vacancy with a conservative justice of his choice on the eve of the election, making the composition 6:3. He had a motive. Under the Constitution the States conduct the election and there is no Federal election commission or authority. The President has no control over the conduct of elections. However, the US Supreme Court remains the apex judicial authority for judicial remedies. And Trump had threatened during electioneering that there will not be a peaceful transfer of power if he is defeated and the apex court will decide the results. Hence the hurry in "packing the court". Trump's latest statement is, "Litigation over election may end up at the Supreme Court..."

On the polling day, anticipating resistance, the White House itself was fortified with a non-scalable fence. At 2 am on Wednesday (US EST), he made a speech accusing the Democrats of "stealing" the votes, irregularities in early voting, rigging and manipulating "illegal counting". He repeated his charges the following night even as lawsuits were filed in several States staking his unsupported claims.

However, despite all these hullabaloo and threats, the counting staff were doing their job unperturbed throughout the country. Unlike anticipated, there were no confrontations between party supporters except in Nevada. In Manhattan, 60 protesters were held. Although Republican protests againt what they called Democrats' "electoral malpractices" continued in most places and a battery of legal luminaries was lined up for a legal battle against what even some Republican lawmakers described as unsubstantiated, non-specific and wild allegations.

COMMENT: A man who doesn't know what is his job, lest he could know how to do what - defines what is Trump after all. At least while in the White House. Obviously, there was a revolting social consciousness looming large over him against his conduct and work that had gone quite grotesque and alarming.

Results as of 10 am (IST) Friday November 6 (credit: Agencies)

Georgia (electoral votes 16) counted 99% Biden 49.4% (24,46,814) Trump 49.4% (24,48,081);

Nevada (6) counted 84% B 49.4% (6,04,251); Trump 48.5% ( 5,92,813);

North Carolina (15) counted 94% Biden 48.7% (26,55,3830 Trump 50.1% (27,32,084);

Pennsylvania (20) counted 97% Biden 49.3% (32,67,923) Trump 49.6% (32,85,965);

Arizona (11) counted 90% Biden 50.1% (15,28,319) Trump 48.5% (14,82,062);

Florida (29) counted 99% Biden 47.9% (52,84,377) Trump 51.2% (56,58,690);

Iowa (6) counted 99% Biden 45% (7,57,580) Trump 53.2% (8,96,286);

Michigan (16) counted 99% Biden 50.6% (27,91,549) Trump 47.9% (26,46,423);

New Hampshire (4) counted 99% Biden 52.8% (4,23,186) Trump 45.6% (3,65,277);

Ohio (18) counted 96% Biden 45.2% (26,03,731) Trump 53.4% (30,74,418)

Texas (38) counted 85% Biden 46.4% (52,11,603) Trump 52.2% (58,60,494)

Wisconsin (10) counted 99% Biden 49.6% (16,30,542) Trump 48.9% (16,09,734)

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